Starz Energies thrives to provide the best solutions for customers. We produce cylindrical and prismatic batteries with the highest performance in the industry, and offer batteries that maximize space utilization through our design and  production process.

Our Lithium-ion Batteries are engineered to be zero maintenance and fail-safe.

Lithium ion-18650-cylindrical-battery

18650 cylindrical batteries

32650 battery

32650 cylindrical batteries




Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technologies offer high-powered cell performance compatible with virtually any Lithium-ion application.  They deliver more power and more extended life.

LiFePO4 18650 and 32650

Rechargeable cells and LiFePO4 prismatic cells, suitable for all types of applications.
Item Specification
Standard Voltage 3.7V
Standard Capacity 5000mAh
Capacity Range 4800~5100mAh
Cut-off Voltage 3.65±0.05V
Cut-off Current 0.01 C
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.0V±0.05 V
Discharge Rate ≤3%
Charge Method CC-CV
Cycle Life ≥2000 cycles
Working Temperature Charge:0°C~55°C Discharge:-20°C~60°C
Humidity range 0~90%RH
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 45°C
Cell dimension Height (H): 67.6±0.4 mm Max Diameter(Ø): 32.05±0.05 mm Max
Weight 145±2g

Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNiMnCoO2)-NMC 18650

Rechargeable cells for high energy density usages.
Item Specification
Nominal Voltage 3.7V
Max Charge Voltage 4.2 ±0.05 V
Nominal Capacity 2200 mAh at 0.5C
Rated Capacity 2150 mAh at 0.5C (Discharge the cell from 4.2V to 2.75V by 0.5C current)
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.75±0.05 V
Standard charging current 0.5C (1100 mA)
Standard discharge current 0.5C(1100mA)
Max charge current 2C(T≥10°C) 0.5C(10°C>T≥0°C)
Max discharge current 2C(T≥0°C) 1C(0°C >T≥-10°C) 0.5C(-10°C >T≥-20°C)
Max recommended charge and discharge cell body temperature 0_ 45°C Discharge_-20_60°C
Maximum short term allowable charge and discharge cell body temperature. Charging and discharging at these conditions will shorten cell cycle life _50°C Discharge_ 60°C
Humidity range 0~90%RH
≤60 mΩ(AC Impedance, 1000 Hz)
Cell dimension Height (H): 65.0 ±0.3 mm Max Diameter(φ) :18.4 ±0.1mm Max
Weight 45±1g

Battery Packs

Battery Packs

Our battery packs are innovative & competitive.

Pack enclosures and Battery Management Systems (BMS) are being conceived using our expertise in electronic and mechanical design and prototyping. Our batteries packs are available in a wide range of configurations and offer the design flexibility needed by customers seeking to integrate their own battery systems.

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