Our Vision

Starz Energies R&D efforts aim to make energy storage more efficient, greener, and more affordable.

Our featured solutions

We specialize in electronic and mechanical design, with a focus on developing reliable Battery Packs and Battery Management Systems (BMS). Our solutions offer efficient and safe portable power for various applications.

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Our Lithium-ion batteries posses higher performance than the average batteries in terms of density, power, charge time, calendar life and safety characteristics.  Learn more

In our current exploration phase, we’re actively involved in extracting lithium from brines in Southern Tunisia. Our detailed study includes examining lithium density and concentration, analyzing rates of lithium and other major elements.Our dedicated team is fine-tuning parameters to optimize the process. Our focus is on a meticulously crafted multi-step method for lithium extraction from these natural brines. 

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Our R&D mission

We are pursuing higher energy density, enhanced life cycle and calendar life, and better safety characteristics with cost optimization in mind. Our R&D efforts also include the production of anode and cathode as core activities.   Learn more

Coating Process

Who we are ?

We’re an American company. Making use of the latest synthesis techniques of battery materials, our laboratory is producing common solutions for: Lithium iron phosphate (LFP), Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC), and Lithium Cobalt oxide (LCO). Our assembly capabilities extend to the 18650, 32650, and some smaller prismatic cells.

our main focus

Using patented technology, Starz Energies focuses on long term partnerships with our clients to provide inherently safe, powerful, and reliable battery systems.





Our laboratory planning approach is focused on continuous research and development of new energy storage materials characterized by high efficiency and storage capacity. This process is followed by constant testing to ensure our products provide the highest safety and quality standards.

What is Coming Next?

In an ever-changing battery industry, our laboratory is involved in the discovery of the latest technologies, such as Sodium-based batteries, Solid-state Sodium batteries and Polymer-based electrolytes.

Through our present and future research we envision to contribute to the development of innovative, reliable and cheaper energy storage solutions.

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Starz Energies strives to hire the best world-class local expertise.  Research and development partnerships with local universities open the way to continuous innovation.

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