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Starz Energies

Starz Energies specializes in LFP and solid-state cell technology, Battery Pack & BMS solutions, and lithium extraction from different sources such as geothermal & oilfield brines and recycled battery materials – Pioneering innovation and sustainability within the energy sector.

Starz Energies acquired Starz Electronics Tunisia operations in 2023, laying a new foundation for innovation and expertise.

Who is Starz Electronics?

Starz Electronics is a Tunisian-American Company specializing in electrical and electronic manufacturing and design. It mainly produces PCB and cable assembly. Ever since its foundation in 2001, Starz Electronics has been providing manufacturing solutions serving customer’s needs.

Starz Electronics already embarked on lithium-ion battery research and development in Tunisia since 2017.

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Our History

Our laboratory is the first lithium-ion R&D Company in the North African region.

In 2017, Starz Electronics started investing in the Lithium-ion batteries industry.  Following two years of project preparation, Starz Energies became the first lithium-ion R&D Company in the North African region dedicated to solving industry-relevant challenges.

Our lab has given special attention to three different types of cathode materials that include; Lithium iron phosphate (LFP), Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC), and Lithium Cobalt Oxide (LCO). We produce our own electrodes synthesis materials.

Starz Battery Laboratory

Our mission

Dedicated to advancing energy storage solutions for the future, we are committed to fostering innovation in the field.
Our R&D team is focused on developing novel materials, pushing the boundaries of Lithium-ion battery storage capacity and performance characteristics.

Extending our commitment beyond solid-state cell technology and Battery Pack & BMS solutions, we specialize in lithium extraction.

Within our mission, we leverage expertise and years of research to address lithium extraction, emphasizing recycling and processing lithium from diverse sources.